Hello Coastal Locals!

Spring is here and the many showings of our "Season" have blossomed into pending sales and are well on their way to closing. You will soon have some lovely new neighbors from the North to welcome to our little paradise. You may even be able to make a hometown connection here in Highland Beach using the pinned post on our Facebook Page here.

This season has been busy and I have had multiple showings of our beautiful listings every day. I have specialized in this area for years which really helps me fully understand the pros and cons of each building. I feel this is a benefit to both sellers and buyers.

I feel so fortunate to be located in the Delray Sands Resort because we get a lot of walk in traffic from visitors staying in the hotel as well as dining in the restaurant. When these visitors do stop into our office, we usually have keys in hand and are on our way to our properties within minutes.

If you are looking to sell, why not take advantage of our expertise and convenient location so we can bring some of these shoppers to your condo. Call us anytime for a free evaluation.